Shaker style kitchens and furniture is so popular and rightly so, it will fit perfectly in an old cottage, Victorian terrace, modern new build and everything in between. Shaker style is truly versatile, depending on the finish; unpainted solid timber, painted a neutral or bright colour, or the accessories put with it, it will look traditional or contemporary.

Shaker style kitchen

The origins of this furniture style come from The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, commonly known as the Shakers, they moved from England to the USA in 1744. They set up one of the largest and most successful communal projects in America, known as the Shaking Quakers (they liked to dance during worship).

Shakers were largely self-sufficient, they wanted to live separately from society in an attempt to build a heaven on earth. Due to this they grew their own food, built their own homes and workplaces, made clothes, tools and furniture.

Shakers followed a strict set of rules outlining behaviour, appearance and environment, their principals of honesty, simplicity and utility manifested in the furniture they created. Shaker furniture focused on craftsmanship, simplicity and integrity, any form of embellishment or decoration was considered a sin of pride, and so shaker furniture was minimalistic.

Most shaker styles today are still simplistic following the traditional simple lines but can also have more detailed adornment such as beading.

Beaded Shaker Cabinets

A bespoke Shaker kitchen will outlive any other style of cabinetry, fashions will come and go, but Shaker is definitely here to stay, and if its painted and your taste changes, paint it a new colour and change the handles!

Shaker style kitchen island





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