Quartz Worktops; in our last post we high-lighted Granite as a worktop material, there are of course many others to choose from, Quartz worktops being one.

Quartz worktops are  a very good alternative to granite and can work out cheaper if you need to tweak your budget. Quartz worktops are fabricated from natural quartz, about 90% quartz and the balance being made up of resins, glass or pigments to improve appearance and create variety.

Quartz Worktopp

As quartz is reconstituted it is possible to create a uniform colour, unlike granite which is of course 100% natural stone and therefore not constant in appearance. Quartz is manufactured in many colours (not all naturally occurring) and can also be made to replicate marble or granite with veining. It is even possible to replicate very popular marbles and granites, for example the very fashionable white Statuario marble, therefore creating a more hardwearing and affordable version of a very exclusive and costly stone.

Quartz is a non-porous material and is therefore very hygienic, it will not allow bacteria to grow and is also unlikely to stain, so very easy to maintain. Quartz is very hardwearing and resistant to scratches and marks; it really is a hardworking worktop.

As mentioned previously we work closely with Landford Stone who have an extensive range of Quartz Worktops, including their own brand ‘Oyster Quartz’, they are always more than happy to help.

Please contact us for more information on quartz, or any other worktops you might be interested in to enhance your new kitchen.

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